BOY WONDER MOVIE!!!!…kinda..

The Boy Wonder is not a film about a orphan boy wearing tight green and red spandex, who’s family was killed in a tragic circus accident leaving him to train in the art of fighting crime, or is it? “The Boy Wonder,” staring True Bloods Caleb Steinmeyer as Sean, is a story about a boy from Brooklyn New York, who witnessed his parents brutal murder and becomes fixated on finding there killers. Sean develops this super hero-Esq. dual personality, being a reserved student during that day and a vigilante at night. As his dual personality begins to truly over take his psyche, we see this psychological thriller take what seems to be a revenge quest route but also watch Sean dive deeper into madness. In the vain of these new “real life” super hero films, this looks to be parallel with movies like kick-ass and Dark Knight, only somewhere in between. First time director Michael Morrissey had this to say about his movie: “I grew up reading comics,” “I still make my trip to Forbidden Planet every Wednesday to pick up my books, and I wanted to make a movie that embodied what I love about them. I’ve always enjoyed stories that are more about the heroes’ human nature: Tony Stark’s battle with addiction in “Demon in a Bottle,” Frank Miller’s take on Daredevil, etc. I liked the small stories more than the flash-bang of big battle scenes. I also thought it would be really interesting to see what events would create a ‘hero’ in the real world. I think someone who goes out at night to punish bad people has to be a pretty screwed-up person. I wanted to make my vision of a superhero come to life.” “The Boy Wonder” will be premiering this month at the Second Annual Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo. Be sure to check it out.


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  1. Hot review. I gotta see it.

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