Time Travel, Gore, Pastries!! w/ GingerDead Man 3

What’s more exciting than a homicidal gingerbread man that was created from the ashes of a serial killer? A couple things are, however, Full moon pictures have found ways to keep us intrigued for what is now three installments of the “Ginger Dead Man.” The all-new feature, “Ginger Dead Man: Saturday Night Clever,” looks just as playful and absurdly entertaining as the previous ones, but this one takes place in the 1970’s. The plot is shaky, but seams as though “the ginger Dead Man” travels back in time, to kill an all female 70’s roller derby team. Why? Honestly who cares why, its gives the audience the chance to see an absolutely ridiculous concept done relatively well for what the production cost would allow.  Charles Band (Puppet Master/Gingerdead man Franchise, etc) has released a new trailer for the April DVD and stream demand release. (In other Full moon news, Charles Band has said that there will be a tenth installment to the puppet master franchise, to be shot in 3-D, details to come later.)


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