Vampire-crap, distribution.

Fading of the cries has ‘cringe’ written all over it. Based on this terribly paced trailer, this movie looks like a big giant mess. I cant exactly pinpoint what genre there going for, seems like vampire-twilight-drama, blade CGI action, pans labyrinth dark mysticism, and flesh eating individuals compose this entire thing for a big giant cluster fuck misguided ideas. Originally it looked  like the parody movie “Vampires Suck,” but it was quickly realized that they are actually taking themselves serious. The plot, summarized by Fangoria Magazine, is as follows: “The film stars Brad Dourif as a villain named Mathias who terrorizes a small town while seeking an ancient necklace, and is confronted by a heroic youth named Jacob (Jordan Matthews) and his magic sword.” What??!!

The only reason why this movie is even seeing the light of day is because it’s being distributed by Wrekin Hill productions and NECA (The National Entertainment Collectibles Association), companies that assisted in merchandising such franchises as Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, etc. The distribution of this possible train wreck is their first attempt in putting out straight to DVD/Bluray Movies.


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