What the Fuck was that?! Conan the barbarian Teaser Trailer


Though this isn’t quite a horror movie, I’m positive the overall experience will be scary. I’m just not sure anyone is ready for a Conan the barbarian remake. Being a fan of the horribly amazing original, I’m interested to see what this 3D remake has to offer. More effects, bad CGI gore, bad acting and clash of the titans-Esq. monsters, has blockbuster hit written all over it. Jason Momoa fills in Arnold’s shoes this time around, and if this teaser trailer is reflective of his acting in this movie, we’re in trouble. This teaser trailer blows, the voice over work sounds generic (did they get Pablo Francisco?), I’m not sure what’s going on with this smoke effect and it feels like a parody (does he pour sand on his head?). Nevertheless, we will have to wait and see more of this movie unravel, as we get closer to its August 2011 release date. In the mean time check out the website for more information.

“I slay and I am content.” Teaser trailer

If you want another good laugh:


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