CW Brings their own ZOMBIE TV SHOW

The CW is taking a crack at the Zombie market now while “The Walking Dead” is still holding on to a fan base. In January it was announced that the CW has bought the production rights to “Awakening” a show about two sisters who have their own internal issues and go through the motions of sorting each other out, all during a zombie apocalypse (boring/annoying), which sounds to close to a ‘Buffy the Zombie slayer’ mash up, or a female ‘Supernatural’. Meredith Hagner and Lucy Griffiths have been cast in the show, directed by David Von Ancken. The Awakening graphic novel however focuses on private investigator Derrick Peters who uncovers an “Unconventional” zombie outbreak. Whether the two story plots will coincide with each other isn’t completely clear yet. The Awakening began filming this month in Toronto. Look forward to seeing the similarities and rip offs or diversity and possible triumph.


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