Edgar Wright asked to Direct Walking Dead episode

So it looks like a possible return to the land of Zombies for flashy and always capable director Edgar Wright, who is rumored to direct an episode of the walking dead season 2. Frank Darabont who fronts the whole walking dead project approached Wright during SXSW weekend with the offer. Wright said, that even though he’s a huge fan of the show,

“I feel that there’s some subject matter that, like, even though it’d be great– and I love that show:  I actually watched four of the six episodes uninterrupted in one run; it was like zombie Pringles– I think that with something like that, with some TV shows, you wanna be in on the ground floor,”

Going further on to say he just doesn’t want to “Fuck it up.” Understandable considering the difference in styles, and the overall fan base the Walking Dead has received. Nothing has been put into motion yet for Wrights possible direction, and no official decision has been made.


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