After School thriller is an original Zombie short written and directed by Christopher Cruz, a teaching Artist for the New York City Organization, LEAP. The ten-minute short is a three-part film about a school (in the Bronx) that gets taken over by a zombie outbreak. Christopher guided his students (grades 3-5) in all elements of film making, screen play writing, costume design, story boarding, editing, etc. The children did extensive research using George Romero’s original “Night of the Living Dead” and tried to re-create the same ominous atmosphere that he so effectively accomplished. The film tells three stories, the first is about a class who begins to act “strangely,” a local news crew believes the behavior is based on the outbreak of a new flu virus, but they are quickly proven wrong. The film closes with a two children who fall asleep in class, and wake up to realize there entire school has been evacuated, well, by the living at least.



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