Superman vs. Zombies, Vampires and Werewolves

There is just something so incredibly intriguing about the up incoming horror action feature ‘Dylan Dog’ staring Brandon Routh. Perhaps it’s the overwhelming Constantine, Hellboy, Underworld, and Blade feeling that the trailer gives us, or perhaps it’s just cool to see an Italian monster/comedy comic coming to the big screen.

The film is about a private investigator that has a variety of unique clients, ranging from vampires, zombies, and werewolves. In order to prevent a war from erupting, the investigator must track down a dangerous artifact. Either way this movie has “at least entertaining” written all over it. It’s hard to shake Brandon Routh as Superman, no matter how many times he’s on a forensics prime time cop show, but this concept is so close to the original source material that it should be great to see. Dylan dog will be in theaters on April 29th.



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