WON TON BABY- (trailer) Parasitic Baby with a taste for blood!

Parasitic babies that are homicidal killers is the kind of plot that a group of friends come up with while throwing back multiple six packs of beer, however it has become a reality for writer/director James Morgart and R-squared films. The film stars Fango’s own Debbie Rechon, who plays Madame Won-ton, a woman who ran a brothel in the 1970’s but has since then converted it into a Chinese food store. Her daughter, played by Suzi Lorraine, was under the impression that her father was an Asian man, but then realizes that he’s actually an Elvis impersonator that Madame Won-Ton had an affair with in the 70’s, this knowledge leads her to obtain an “elvis-esq dialogue.” During this entire father revelation she also realizes that she’s carrying a mass growth in her stomach, a parasitic twin that was absorbed at a young age, which is removed and begins killing everyone. Won-Ton baby is set for release in the second quarter of 2011. Watch it for a good laugh and decent gore.


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