HATCHET 3! Chicken, biscuits and trilogy!


I’ll say it again, Chicken, biscuits and trilogy! Hatchet 3 has officially been green lit, from the video and DVD success of the second installment, hatchet 2.
The film will continue from where the last one ended, and will obviously feature the new horror icon victor Crowley. Hatchet 3 is being produced by Ariescope productions and Dark Sky films.
There aren’t any official details towards the cast and production however “Writer-director Adam Green said: “We already had a possible story-line for HATCHET 3 worked out before we began shooting HATCHET 2, so my cast, crew and I are beyond excited to see that the story and legacy of Victor Crowley will indeed continue. For a little indie movie that I dreamt up when I was just eight years old, it has been absolutely surreal to watch it turn into a modern-day slasher franchise.”-(quote from BD news)
It’s good to see a new traditional icon getting recognition.


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