Stephen King- writes the walking dead!

Seems like the walking dead is trying everything in their power to make sure that season two doesn’t take a nosedive in the latter of the season. Stephen king, who has a long running relationship with frank darabont (shawshank redemption, the greenmile and the mist) was announced to be writing an episode for the zombie hit series. In addition to that, Jon Bernthal (Shane in the series) stated during the AMC C2E2 walking dead panel, that Frank Darabont will also not be directing the first episode. Originally, Darabont wasn’t going to return for the second season at all, and was suppose to pass the show over to veteran writer chic eglee (the shield, dark angel) but instead retained creative control, resulting in Eglee to quit. With the walking dead making these big “writer decisions” and already veering away slowly from the source material, it should be interesting to see just how the show turns out, though I’m confident it’ll be solid.


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