ROMERO's RESIDENT EVIL SCRIPT (what the fuck is wrong with Hollywood?)

This is just to re-cap, something that should have never been:

There was a huge mistake that was made back in 2002, a mistake that has taken a series, which has been a pinnacle influence in gamers and horror fans across the globe, and turned it into nothing more then a overdone pop culture waste. That was to allow Paul W.S. Anderson to direct the Resident Evil franchise over George Romero. Though I have seen the tragedies, which are the Resident Evil movies, in hopes that at least one of them would resemble or portray the Games high influence of the zombie genre, I even find myself watching them as if they’re completely unrelated to the games.

In a world where the Matrix never existed, or where Hollywood didn’t try to hard to bank on a “Wachowski brother’s” rip-offs, George Romero’s vision for resident evil would have been brought to the big screen. George Romero originally stated,

“I don’t wanna make another film with zombies in it, and I couldn’t make a movie based on something that ain’t mine”

however he later reconsidered, and developed a fantastic script. Even though the script was received positively from critics and readers, it was eventually declined from the movie producers.

After George was fired, they decided they wanted to make the film more action oriented, to market a younger teenage audience. They Hired the Mastermind behind the god-awful Mortal Kombat films, and gave him a huge budget to make crap. Romero’s script is practically flawless; in that it has all the elements that made everyone love the first game, great use of the mansion, the laboratory, interesting characters and accuracy to the source material. Only downfall is that it was only the first draft of the script, so some of the Romero’s dialogue is, well, Romero dialogue.

Paul W.S Anderson doesn’t paint homage to the series in any way. Even though we will never get the chance to see Romero’s vision brought to the big screen, his script is online for people who want to read Resident Evil, as it should have been. (Attached is also the link to the Resident Evil 2 (Biohazard 2) commercial directed by Romero)




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