SUCKER PUNCH Review-How many ideas can you fit in one movie?

If you’re a fan of Call of Duty, The Matrix, Japanese Anime, Lord of the Rings and plots that pathetically try to shine light on a personality disorder or an ‘inception-esq’ subconscious, then you will enjoy Sucker Punch. This film, which is a complete mash up of a million different ideas, plot attempts, and amazing visual effects, still falls short of being a film that you could consider theatre replay value, but will be a blu-ray special features necessity.

The beginning of the film sets, what we think, will be the tone of the film. Baby Doll’s (Emily Browning) background story puts her as the victim, when in reality; she’s a screw up. Granted, the way it’s shot, the audience is forced to feel remorse for her situation, but that entire thing was over shadowed by her failed attempted at defending her sister and honor of her mother. The audience is left saying, “she fucked that up’ in a “there’s something about Mary” way. She’s sent to a insane asylum, where she’s about to receive a lobotomy, then it cuts to a brothel/cabaret setting that is closer to an episode of scrubs than an action thriller. If there was suppose to be any undertone of “female” empowerment themes, they were lost completely, and also unnecessary. This movie was made for Anime porn fanatics, who’s demographic is usually prepubescent boys (hence the PG-13 rating).

The entire film struggled with tone, and could have been stronger had they just stood with one. The story is all over the place, even with Zack Snyder being a visual genius, it was hard to try and see this film as nothing more than a video game cut scene. A really sick and amazing videogame cut scene. However, there is no denying the “cool” factor that Snyder has given us.

Every CGI sequence looked absolutely fantastic. I mean, what’s more entertaining then a bunch of hot, young, half naked women, with guns and swords, blowing things up, fighting dragons, Nazi Zombies, and giant samurai’s? Sucker Punch offered us a visual jerk off, which is good enough to buy into, but if your looking to be completely blown away from the plot and characters, then go read a book.


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