If you thought people ran out of modern material to make musicals out of, think again. Emerson College comedy group has successfully made a humorous, music filled version of the uniquely disturbing “the Human Centipede.” The show begins very tongue a cheek with the narrator saying “… It’s a horrifying tale that will make you hold onto your caboose…” Much in the vain of the very popular Evil Dead musical, the Human Centipede pokes fun at the characters and situations, in a playful and respectful way.

For those who haven’t seen the Human Centipede, the synopsis is as follows; a mad German scientist, who wants to perform a grotesque experiment, captures three people and turns them into a “Human Centipede” by sewing their mouths to the adjacent persons anus, thus creating a very monstrous display and exchange of bodily fluids and excrement.

The Musical takes this plot, and does its best at re-creating it. Below is the complete official Youtube Parts (1-7).

Be sure to check out the official YouTube page.


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