ZOMBIE SPANISH WESTERN, Trailer, Poster, and Zombie Gore Still

Perros Muertos (Dead Dogs)

Perros Muertos

Looks like we have another great Zombie film to look forward to. Dead Dogs (Perros Muertos) the Spanish zombie production, directed by Koldo Serra, has officially released a teaser trailer and movie poster. Serra has been very secretive about the film, and there wasn’t much information on it, which now seems to have been a solid move. The teaser, which was provided by Aullidos, shows a western theme, with very interesting and playful cinematography. Koldo Serra, who just finished releasing “Backwoods,” staring Gary Oldman, is now telling the story of a juvenile gangster named Cocacolo, who escapes south after a bank heist performed in Barcelona. After he is betrayed by his team, and is left to die, he joins forces with a local family to defend himself against a zombie outbreak (caused by the locals eating contaminated rapeseed oil). For more information you can check the Audillos site, (if you can read Spanish). Below is the teaser trailer link.


Here is a leaked feeding scene (still) from the film.

Perros Muertos (Dead Dogs) feeding scene

Perros Muertos (Dead Dogs) feeding scene


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