The Mortal Kombat Legacy Webseries premiered its first episode “legacy:episode 1,” and the anticipation is well worth the outcome. This is what millions of MK fans envisioned the actual franchise to look and feel like, instead of the high color contrast nonsense that the previous films offered us.

“Legacy” has a combination of different feels to it, similar to the realistic interpretation that Christopher Nolan gave the recently Batman Films, and also a realistic crime drama feel like “the Sheild,” of course also by keeping the imaginative qualities of the MK world.

The Episode starts off with the origin story of Kano (Darren Shahlavi), Jax (Michael Jai White), Stryker (Tamoh Pennikett), and Sonya Blade (Jeri Ryan). It takes place in a weapons factory where Kano, who doesn’t have his red eye metallic implant yet, is manufacturing advanced weaponry. You briefly see what looks to be “Cyrax’s” helmet, and weapon technology that is similar to the Cybernetic characters of MK. After a couple action sequences, the audience is left with the need to see more. The only thing that was missing from the first episode, was the gore and horror element that director Kevin Tancharoen emphasized in the MK “Rebirth” trailer. (below) Which I’m sure will only be revealed when the relevant character is shown.

We can only hope now that we get a chance to see other popular characters. The real difficult objective is, how do you make Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Reptile, or even Goro, a part of this MK world? Will it be done as effectively as in the “Rebirth” trailer, will it be something that jeopardizes the show? Or will Kevin make it so flawlessly integrated (again) that we wont even second-guess them. We will have to wait and see.

The Mortal Kombat webseries will be streaming online every Tuesday. Watch the entire first episode and the “Rebirth” trailer that started it all below. As well as the first stills of SUB ZERO and SCORPION.


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  1. James J

    I was absolutely hooked when I saw Cyrax’s helmet at the beginning of the first installment. I can’t wait for Shang Tsung to appear! Another really good web series is Death Battle. The have different video game characters battle to the death. They had Shang Tsung vs. Akuma. There is no way Akuma could beat Shang Tsung! Very epic battle, but it was really close. Check it out here –
    My employer, DISH Network, streams most of the Death Battle episodes for free.

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