“CALL OF THE DEAD” Call of Duty and George Romero Team up

Call of Duty has monopolized on the first person shooter genre, topping sales and breaking records all over the world. They have also found an excellent niche in the horror gaming category with the forever evolving “Nazi Zombies” and “Zombies” horde game modes. However, with the increasing popularity of the zombie games, they have officially made the highest echelon of game add-ons,”Call of the DEAD,”which is part of the new DLC “escalation” maps.

“Call of the DEAD,” which is inspired by the “godfather of Zombies” ‘George Romero’ is another extremely interactive zombie horde level. The trailer shows that it takes place on a ship that seems to be abandoned on an Ice tundra, which means we’ll be getting some frozen zombie action, with brand new killer weapons and sick player interactions.

The Trailer for “Call of the DEAD” is done in the vain of a grindhouse trailer, with a deep cheap voice-over, still frames, really bad catch phrases, grainy film reel effect, and the “Return of the Living Dead” famous “do you wanna party” song. Everything a horror fan would want to see in a game trailer. It also stars a brand new assortment of characters, Danny Trejo (machete), Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Robert Englund (Freddy Kruger) and Michael Rooker (The Walking Dead). And also starring, as a boss, GEORGE ROMERO!

This Game has “COOL” written all over it.


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