Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter already getting trolled

There seems to be a lot of apprehension towards the upcoming action horror/time period piece “Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter,” which seems too untimely even for Internet trolls.

Most of the trepidation comes from people who hated “Wanted,” and rightfully so, seeing as how “Wanted” was a visually appealing piece of crap, but to play devil’s advocate, this movie is in a caliber of its own. When time and effort goes into developing convincing set designs and character development, there’s already a formula in works to create something that is more in-depth, concrete in its approach and healthier. On the other hand, a lot can go into the design, and you can still be left with “Silent Hill” visuals that offer support towards the tone of the film, but still suck because of Hollywood Leeway’s. Regardless of the set shots, daily descriptions or news blog SUCKAGE, it’s still to early to really develop an opinion around it UNLESS you’ve read the source material, of which is concrete.

Point is, it’s remarkable to see the quantity of people who are shitting on this film, before it’s fully cast, and well before it’s done. For example, ‘Theresa Marshall’ wrote, via Slashfilm.com:

  What the hell are they doing chucking vampires in to every other film?It doesn’t make it a good film just because it’s got vampires in it, this Abraham Lincoln vampire hunter film looks bad, very bad!

Now if she knew anything, about anything, she would know that this film is based from an actual book, it’s not just a movie “Chucking Vampires” into it, and even if that was the case, what movies “Chuck Vampires” into them? Put down the “Twilight Saga”, “the Secret” and anything with Fabio on a cover and do some research.

Daniel Horton wrote:

 I’m kind of disappointed that this is likely going to happen before Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. And far more disappointed that Natalie Portman isn’t going to star in it anymore.

Really? Isn’t Natalie Portman in enough shit? She seems to be the go to girl for young, petite heroine with a strong personality or schizophrenia. Assuming they never release pride prejudice and zombies, there would be nothing really to miss. There is just so many ways that you can approach the zombie genre, keeping them to a minimal will most definitely do it JUSTICE.

The comments are justly an example of trolls. The first still photos of Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter were released today; the film is now set to be release as a summer blockbuster, and is to be shot in 3D. Hopefully the production allows me to endorse my own current attitudes of the film.


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