So concludes the tenth and final season of CW’s superman spinoff ‘Smallville,’ and with slight disappointment. For ten years, viewers watched, kept ratings up, just in-case during one episode we would get the chance to see even the slightest inkling of the show revealing the powers and superman qualities that everyone has grown to love. Not once was it expected that the CG (computer Graphics) for the “flying scene,” that looked like a playstation cut scene, would not only be brief with questionable editing, but also give nothing to the fans who have waited for the reveal.

They didn’t even show Clark Kent (Tom Welling) standing in full costume, what a let down! Instead they showed brief shots of him in close up, with a questionable CG cape floating in the back. They wrapped up the episode with a 7-year time lapse, where Chloe is speaking to her son, and telling him the story of how superman came to be, via a comic book. Lex Luther is running for president, Clark is now living up to his dork persona, and Lois is running shit. Some sort of ‘danger springs up’ and they close the 10-year investment with Clark running towards the camera, opening his shirt to reveal the S logo.

After all this time, I think people deserve more than just a transition scene as a closer, even if it was pretty cool to see, it wasn’t enough.

Yes, that is a gasp from a shocked viewer.


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