GHOST: Swedish Satanic Metal

GhostWritten by: Etienne V.

WHO: Ghost

ALBUM: Opus Eponymous

LABEL: Rise Above Records

WHY YOU SHOULD BE LISTENING: Sweden’s Ghost are somewhat of an anomaly on this list. If it weren’t for their growing hype across online metal sites, it’s possible I may have missed this release altogether. Thankfully, I did not – and neither should you. After listening through the 35 minutes of Opus Eponymous several times over, I can say with full confidence that I am packed and ready to jump on their hype train. I was immediately drawn in by the band’s name, their awesome album art and their overall theatrical presence, but it is really their music that makes me believe that this band has truly unlimited potential. The music is extremely reminiscent of King Diamond and Mercyful Fate with its clean vocals, high pitch harmonies, Satanic lyrics and 70s inspired metal. The songs on the album follow a very solid structure with catchy hooks to draw the listener in. It was very refreshing to hear clean vocals that didn’t make me cringe. The hooks on the album are memorable, and at just 35 minutes leaves you wanting more. The production on the album is very tight and allows for the solid rythym section to stand out and really lend power to each of the songs.The guitars blend well with the bass and drums, and the vocals ride nicely out in front of the mix. And let’s not forget the organ that puts an exclamation point on the band’s sound. Simply put – Ghost rocks hard. If you’re looking for a fresh take on the metal of the 70’s with a Satanic twist, or just a really good metal album, I’d highly recommend listening to Opus Eponymous.

ALBUM HIGHLIGHTS: Con Clavi Con Dio, Ritual, Elizabeth and Death Knell

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