The Drop of Water 1963: a great horror movie you don’t know about.

Not to shortly after we posted our article about the Classic Horror Campaign in London did I start a long mission to become well immersed in classic horror movies. I was searching through Netflix and Came across “Black Sabbath,” not the band, but the film, the 1963 triple horror feature.

The first segment “The Drop of Water,” directed by Mario Bava, is probably one of the greatest horror films (Or segment) I think I’ve ever seen. It’s about a woman, who in an act of greed steals a dead woman’s ring, but with great consequence. The amount of influence that it has had, and that you can clearly see, on our contemporary films and directors, is refreshing.

Sam Raimi’s “Evil dead” and “Drag me to Hell” have a pretty similar style and feel to Bava’s segment, especially Drag me to Hell, which could have been a complete re-envision of this segment.

I also see a lot of Japanese horror themes. Influencing the creepy, eerie, atmospheric slow moving ghost motions made famous by movies like “the Ring,” “Kairo” (Pulse) and the “Grudge.” Even though most of the J-horror movies are well rooted in cultural foundations, there is still an influence from the early horror greats.

The “reveal” sequence in the film is close to perfect. Check it out below. It’s 10 minutes of horror perfection. Watch the full film to get a feel of this masterpiece. It’s currently on Netflix, but if your boycotting the Streaming monopoly; they’re also on YouTube.

(Note the “Frightened to death” line. Its like the Ring in Technicolor.)


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3 responses to “The Drop of Water 1963: a great horror movie you don’t know about.

  1. Fun post! Really enjoyed reading (and watching).

  2. Thank you! Love this movie. Vampire circus is another one. Also Santa sangre, all good films.

  3. I was a sophomore in college when I first saw this short movie and it gave me the creeps even then – much more than any movie ever has. Over the ensuing nearly 40 years since, I have worked with the dead as an apprentice embalmer and have visited accident scenes where people were dismembered, yet to this day this still makes my skin crawl more than anything in the real world that I have ever experienced. It is truly a masterpiece of horror.

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