Paranormal Activity 3: Bloody Mary?????

Paramount finally premiered the new Paranormal Activity 3 trailer and all I have to say is “Bloody Mary?” To say “I’m confused about whether or not this franchise ever had an actual direction” is an understatement. The first film showed us how a low budget film can make good money with well thought out execution, the second film disappointed us, and it seems now that the third one is veering closer to banking off of the success of Insidious. Now even though the new film looks to be totally different, perhaps this is the BEST thing that could happen to PA. When I saw PA2, I just couldn’t help but think that it had a lot of unintentional Dark humor, particularly when we saw a floating baby in a crib. Them showing an actual “Ghost” or what they are calling “Bloody Mary” is just a natural progression of the film/audience interest and relationship. Even if it seems like they came up with the idea well after the original film, it works out pretty well in terms of the viewer, I mean, who wants to see another movie about NOTHING attacking people.

Paranormal Activity 3 Trailer



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10 responses to “Paranormal Activity 3: Bloody Mary?????

  1. yea, just posted this on my blog the other day as well and it too had me scratching my head. Although someone did make a good point as to whether this may be the actual demon that is manifesting itself as something that is familiar to the girls, maybe? Ah, who knows? Great blog!

    • Now that’s a good point, and would make a lot of sense. I certainly hope that’s the direction. Thanks for reading!!! Did you see “the thing” remake trailer??

      • I sure did. Confused the hell out of me as I understood it to be a prequel, however, a lot of it looks like a remake! lol Still, I think it’s looks pretty cool and think I will be checking it out when released. What do u think?

  2. PuzzledMan

    Well 1. Yes the demon could have just seized the opportunity.

    or 2. It could after all be based on Bloody Mary which would explain why only women have been possessed and why the baby is the target in the second one. (Referring to Bloody Mary’s lore about jealousy towards women who had babies.)

  3. GreenMystic

    I kind of wanted it to manifest as something that would explain the weird footprints in PA1. Like one of the demons in the books Mika was reading. *shrug* If it does end up being a bloody mary movie I will be sorely disappointed. 😦

  4. Chloe

    hi im Chloe im 9 and a half i know im a little girl but this is creepy my friend toled me bloodly mary i never went to the toliet again now im even more freaked out!!

  5. Mariah

    I don’t really understand how it could be Bloody Mary, because (if i remember correctly), in PA2, the daughter said that something about a demon taking the first born male and there hadn’t been a male born for a while and Hunter was the first one, and that’s why he was taken.
    Plus, i’ve never heard of Bloody Mary being made up to possess peoples bodies. All i’ve heard of her is she kills you, end of story.
    Thus, i’m going to have to go with the demon took it’s chance and appeared as Bloody Mary so it wouldn’t have to wait any longer or something along those lines.

  6. that part was not even in the movie

  7. arrmanah crawford

    i dont think bloody mary is real she is a faker


    Whatever possessed the writers and producers of this show to air commercials for this show during prime time family viewing. This commercial has popped up during a family program my 8 year old grand daughter was watching and now she won’t sleep alone. You have traumatized her to the point I really don’t know how we are going to make her understand that this is all fake. No one really believes any of the crap you put on your show and most of it is poorly acted as well.

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