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GHOST: Swedish Satanic Metal

GhostWritten by: Etienne V.

WHO: Ghost

ALBUM: Opus Eponymous

LABEL: Rise Above Records

WHY YOU SHOULD BE LISTENING: Sweden’s Ghost are somewhat of an anomaly on this list. If it weren’t for their growing hype across online metal sites, it’s possible I may have missed this release altogether. Thankfully, I did not – and neither should you. After listening through the 35 minutes of Opus Eponymous several times over, I can say with full confidence that I am packed and ready to jump on their hype train. I was immediately drawn in by the band’s name, their awesome album art and their overall theatrical presence, but it is really their music that makes me believe that this band has truly unlimited potential. The music is extremely reminiscent of King Diamond and Mercyful Fate with its clean vocals, high pitch harmonies, Satanic lyrics and 70s inspired metal. The songs on the album follow a very solid structure with catchy hooks to draw the listener in. It was very refreshing to hear clean vocals that didn’t make me cringe. The hooks on the album are memorable, and at just 35 minutes leaves you wanting more. The production on the album is very tight and allows for the solid rythym section to stand out and really lend power to each of the songs.The guitars blend well with the bass and drums, and the vocals ride nicely out in front of the mix. And let’s not forget the organ that puts an exclamation point on the band’s sound. Simply put – Ghost rocks hard. If you’re looking for a fresh take on the metal of the 70’s with a Satanic twist, or just a really good metal album, I’d highly recommend listening to Opus Eponymous.

ALBUM HIGHLIGHTS: Con Clavi Con Dio, Ritual, Elizabeth and Death Knell

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2011 Best Metal Releases (Belphegor – Blood Magick Necromance)

Written By: Etienne V (THT London)

With 2011 a little over halfway done, I’ve seen a few “best of” lists emerging online that highlight some of the best releases so far this year. While I agree with a few of the albums on these lists, I think there are still some albums that aren’t getting the level of recognition they deserve. A lot of shit is released these days onto metal fans everywhere, so I’ve tried to do my best to highlight the albums that stand out – at least in my opinion. Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll tell you what those albums are and give you some insight into why I think that particular album is worth your time. A lot of you will disagree with me, and that’s ok. I suppose we’re all entitled to our own opinions. In fact, if you think I should be listening to something else, or have your own suggestions for albums that stood out this year, feel free to email me and I promise I’ll take a listen. If you have criticisms of the albums I’ve chosen or have critiques of my personal opinions – PLEASE DO NOT SEND THOSE. That would simply be a waste of my time. Now…on to our first album:

WHO: Belphegor

ALBUM: Blood Magick Necromance

LABEL: Nuclear Blast Records

WHY YOU SHOULD BE LISTENING: Despite the overdone album title and almost comical album art, Blood Magick Necromance is an extremely solid release from these Austrian natives. Over the years, Belphegor has increasingly developed their own signature sound, which is important considering that the majority of metal bands these days are at best unremarkable. Blood Magick completely outdoes its predecessor, Walpurgis Rites – Hexenwahn in its songwriting, production and intensity while remaining true to their blackened death metal sound. Though the majority of the songs on the album are over the 5 minute mark, (which in the age of the short attention span can feel like an eternity), each song has it’s own personality that drives the album well from beginning to end. Through the use of traditional songwriting structure (i.e. Verse, chorus, verse bridge etc.) and lengthy introductions without vocals, Belphegor seem to push the listener to embrace the melodies and to challenge the ever-growing spasmodic songwriting of some of their metal counterparts. While this isn’t straightforward black metal, there are still plenty of dark riffs, blast beats, and ominous textures that should resonate with those listeners with a more pure black metal spirit. If you’re looking for a tough, melodic and well-written black/death metal album, I’d highly suggest checking this one out.

ALBUM HIGHLIGHTS: Rise and Fall to Rise, Blood Magick Necromance, Impaled Upon the Tongue of Sathan

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If you thought people ran out of modern material to make musicals out of, think again. Emerson College comedy group has successfully made a humorous, music filled version of the uniquely disturbing “the Human Centipede.” The show begins very tongue a cheek with the narrator saying “… It’s a horrifying tale that will make you hold onto your caboose…” Much in the vain of the very popular Evil Dead musical, the Human Centipede pokes fun at the characters and situations, in a playful and respectful way.

For those who haven’t seen the Human Centipede, the synopsis is as follows; a mad German scientist, who wants to perform a grotesque experiment, captures three people and turns them into a “Human Centipede” by sewing their mouths to the adjacent persons anus, thus creating a very monstrous display and exchange of bodily fluids and excrement.

The Musical takes this plot, and does its best at re-creating it. Below is the complete official Youtube Parts (1-7).

Be sure to check out the official YouTube page.

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Rebecca Black has been gaining tremendous Internet buzz, to the point where it’s absolutely sickening. Her YouTube views have surpassed lady gaga and other pop-artist. However, for everyone who is absolutely sick of these, Disney, Nickelodeon, cartoon network, kids songs, that are so redundant and bland that they get stuck in your head and ruin your day, then I have treat for you. Richard Cruz (writer, film maker) has cut an excellent version of the Rebecca Black song Friday. We can only hope. View it below for a healthy morbid laugh.


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Fans of Gojira will be happy to know that they have announced being half way done with their next album and that they recorded an EP entitled “the Sea Shepherd.” This is what the French Metal band posted:

“We are currently working on a live DVD with important bonus section: ‘The Way Of All Flesh From The Inside,’ the Sea Shepherd EP (a non profit operation with a lot of people involved is a bit complicated to wrap, but we’re getting there and we promise to release these songs soon). We’re also composing a new album! We’ve written pretty much half of it, and we are very excited by this new material. It’s a big step for us. These songs are original and a good reflection of what we are today.”

Check out this video of them in their house studio, no clue whats being said. Its in french. But they’re pretty tight.

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Passionate Black Metal??


Explosive, passionate and effectively overwhelming. These are only words that could describe the overall experience you will receive when seeing Brooklyn’s own Liturgy. I saw them play at 285 Kent Street, Brooklyn NY, in what seemed to be one of the most unknown, thrown together venues I’ve ever stepped into. Though I was not a fan of their 2009 release, “Renihilation,” sound quality, to which they stay very true to the original Norwegian black metal style, (recording through a boom box with a head phones plugged in). They showed live that they cannot only bring it, but they can absolutely destroy your face with what can only be described as, transcendentalist black metal. Hunter, the lead singer, has a passion for his music that most struggling musicians wish they could obtain. Every song on their set is played as though as piece of him has become a part of you. He really puts you in a state of awe. Greg Fox, the drummer, who filled in for another band early in the day, was absolutely explosive. Blast beat after roll, this man showed just how much of a machine he really is. Liturgy has the ability to gather people who are foreign to the genre of black, death, metal, and give them something that they can not only feel but also experience. They have the ability to gather, tough death metal guys and hipsters in the same building, without compromising their sound.  Liturgy is releasing a new album titled, “Aesthethica”, which is set to drop in May 10th. You can sample the track “High Goldhere. Make sure you get this album.

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