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Passionate Black Metal??


Explosive, passionate and effectively overwhelming. These are only words that could describe the overall experience you will receive when seeing Brooklyn’s own Liturgy. I saw them play at 285 Kent Street, Brooklyn NY, in what seemed to be one of the most unknown, thrown together venues I’ve ever stepped into. Though I was not a fan of their 2009 release, “Renihilation,” sound quality, to which they stay very true to the original Norwegian black metal style, (recording through a boom box with a head phones plugged in). They showed live that they cannot only bring it, but they can absolutely destroy your face with what can only be described as, transcendentalist black metal. Hunter, the lead singer, has a passion for his music that most struggling musicians wish they could obtain. Every song on their set is played as though as piece of him has become a part of you. He really puts you in a state of awe. Greg Fox, the drummer, who filled in for another band early in the day, was absolutely explosive. Blast beat after roll, this man showed just how much of a machine he really is. Liturgy has the ability to gather people who are foreign to the genre of black, death, metal, and give them something that they can not only feel but also experience. They have the ability to gather, tough death metal guys and hipsters in the same building, without compromising their sound.  Liturgy is releasing a new album titled, “Aesthethica”, which is set to drop in May 10th. You can sample the track “High Goldhere. Make sure you get this album.


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