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Paranormal Activity 3: Bloody Mary?????

Paramount finally premiered the new Paranormal Activity 3 trailer and all I have to say is “Bloody Mary?” To say “I’m confused about whether or not this franchise ever had an actual direction” is an understatement. The first film showed us how a low budget film can make good money with well thought out execution, the second film disappointed us, and it seems now that the third one is veering closer to banking off of the success of Insidious. Now even though the new film looks to be totally different, perhaps this is the BEST thing that could happen to PA. When I saw PA2, I just couldn’t help but think that it had a lot of unintentional Dark humor, particularly when we saw a floating baby in a crib. Them showing an actual “Ghost” or what they are calling “Bloody Mary” is just a natural progression of the film/audience interest and relationship. Even if it seems like they came up with the idea well after the original film, it works out pretty well in terms of the viewer, I mean, who wants to see another movie about NOTHING attacking people.

Paranormal Activity 3 Trailer



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World War Z struggles for funds.


Max Brooks “World War Z” film adaptation is having some financial issues. The large scale of this film, (post apocalyptic environments, millions of zombies etc) has caused the production to over shoot their financial means. According “vulture,” paramount has been dragging their feet with the production because they cannot acquire the $125 million dollar budget. Even with Brad Pitt involved in the production, they are still outsourcing to potential investors for the film. No official statement has been made from paramount, however director Marc foster did say that he “doesn’t mind releasing a PG-13 version” of the film, which would help gain more investors. Pixar presets world war z? Yikes.


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