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The Mortal Kombat Legacy Webseries premiered its first episode “legacy:episode 1,” and the anticipation is well worth the outcome. This is what millions of MK fans envisioned the actual franchise to look and feel like, instead of the high color contrast nonsense that the previous films offered us.

“Legacy” has a combination of different feels to it, similar to the realistic interpretation that Christopher Nolan gave the recently Batman Films, and also a realistic crime drama feel like “the Sheild,” of course also by keeping the imaginative qualities of the MK world.

The Episode starts off with the origin story of Kano (Darren Shahlavi), Jax (Michael Jai White), Stryker (Tamoh Pennikett), and Sonya Blade (Jeri Ryan). It takes place in a weapons factory where Kano, who doesn’t have his red eye metallic implant yet, is manufacturing advanced weaponry. You briefly see what looks to be “Cyrax’s” helmet, and weapon technology that is similar to the Cybernetic characters of MK. After a couple action sequences, the audience is left with the need to see more. The only thing that was missing from the first episode, was the gore and horror element that director Kevin Tancharoen emphasized in the MK “Rebirth” trailer. (below) Which I’m sure will only be revealed when the relevant character is shown.

We can only hope now that we get a chance to see other popular characters. The real difficult objective is, how do you make Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Reptile, or even Goro, a part of this MK world? Will it be done as effectively as in the “Rebirth” trailer, will it be something that jeopardizes the show? Or will Kevin make it so flawlessly integrated (again) that we wont even second-guess them. We will have to wait and see.

The Mortal Kombat webseries will be streaming online every Tuesday. Watch the entire first episode and the “Rebirth” trailer that started it all below. As well as the first stills of SUB ZERO and SCORPION.


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Top 10 Horror Movies and their scariest scene!!!!

My top 10 horror movies and their scariest scenes. Chances are if you don’t own these films on either bluray or DVD you are missing out on life.

1. Night of the Living Dead: (Original/Remake) 1968 and 1990


I decided to make this one a tie, seeing as how I think the original and the remake are both equally perfect. The original really set the stage for every single zombie film to come since then. Even though now zombies tend to be less threatening, this was made in a time period where even the idea of someone dying, coming back to life, and trying to eat you wasn’t humorous. The whole film is uneasy, from beginning to end.

2. The Exorcist:


It’s redundant yes, but let’s be honest, this movie really pushed the limits to what was being made at the time. And let’s not forget all the mysterious deaths that happened after the film was made, weird. Linda Blair was absolutely fantastic in the film, she was a natural at puking excessive bile, masturbating with a crucifix and peeing on carpets. Scariest scene: when Linda Blaire’s head turns all the way around. It originally caught me completely off guard.

3. Kairo (pulse) Japanese version:


This film still stands as one of the scariest films I’ve ever seen. The subtleties that they used, and the unnatural body gestures in the film make Kairo not only one of the most depressing films I’ve ever seen, but also one of the most ‘haunt your dreams’ films I’ve ever seen. (stood with me for a while) Scariest scene: when the ghost woman was walking slowly down the hall towards the camera. There is something just so unnatural about her walk and the music is perfect.

4. The Ring:


I got four words, dead-girl-in-closet. This literally could have been the only scene shown during the film and I still think The Ring would have been labeled one the scariest films ever made. Yes, Sumara was creepy, yes I had dreams of her standing in the corner of my room, but was her jaw dislocated and was she scared to death, no. Scariest scene: That chick in the closet was beyond wrong.

5. A Nightmare on Elm Street (original)


For anybody who was once afraid of “the boogie man” this film played on your emotions. The original Nightmare introduced us to Freddy Krueger. The first Nightmare didn’t really play up on Freddy’s humorous side to much, and still kept a evil and mysterious element about him. Scariest scene: when Freddys arms were extending in the alleyway, real creepy stuff, very “dream-like.”

6. The Thing:

This film is a definitive lesson in gore. Everything done in this film is awesome. The actors really Played up the whole “don’t trust anyone” routine and the gore and monster design/execution is perfect. Scariest scene: when a mans head, sprouts spider like legs and crawls on the floor, need I say more?

7. Audition:


Well, because of this movie I slept with my feet tucked under my blanket for about a week. Scariest scene: a man gets his feet sawed off by a metal wire. Guess hell never have to take his shoes off at the door again.

8. Halloween (original)


One of the originators for the first person perspective horror films Halloween paved the way for slasher films as a common genre. Michael Myers become a house hold name, and the score became even more so. Scariest scene: when Michael myers was attacking Laurie strode in the closet, he really didn’t like her lack of boiler room suits.

9. Dawn of the Dead (original):


Yet another great by George Romero, Dawn of the Dead shows that zombie films can offer more then just blood and guts, but can also deliver a social commentary that hits close to home. A lot like his original Night of the Living Dead, Dawn shows great character dynamic, but also shows the evil in men. Scariest scene: there’s a couple, but the narrow escape at the end was heart racing. (Hari Krishna)

10. The Grudge:


The film overall was terrifying. The noise that the ghost makes, created a sea of people who would spontaneously recreate it, and a fortune in ringtones. Scariest Scene: when the ghost is crawling down the stair case.

Come up with your own top ten and
Have it featured on The Hatchet Times!!

Email: Thehatchettimes@gmail.com

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INSIDIOUS REVIEW (eerie, creepy, and Darth Maul)

Insidious is a horror movie that really stops short of being an equal to greats like “the exorcist” and “the Ring.” The overall film has a great feel to it, an amazing score, great opening credits, pretty decent acting, but a plot that doesn’t quite wrap itself up properly, and gets lost in attempts to make it grander.

In the beginning we’re offered a brief and effective introduction to what this film will feel like, very eerie, creepy, with subtle haunting imagery. The opening credits were something right out of a Japanese horror film, and the title screen shot resembles classic horror films from the early 60’s and 70’s. The entire first half of the film was perfect, Dutch angles, uneasy environment, built-up tension that was so prominent that your stomach felt tight.

The story begins to leans towards a default “haunting” film, where the audience is led to believe that this will be a Grudge/Ring-esq film, where there is a tragedy that leads the family to be attacked by whatever ghost is not at rest. However, the film makes a complete “u-Turn.”

The father Josh Lambert, played by Patrick Wilson, begins to have visions of his son Dalton, played by Ty Simpkins, who has mysteriously went into a coma-like state, that doctors have no treatment for. It’s later found out that the son is having outer body experiences, which leave his body vulnerable to spirits who are trying to find a “host.” Renai Lambert, the mother who is played by Rose Byrne, contacts ghost specialists, who show up and bring an unnecessary comic relief. It’s then found out that the father has the same outer- body experience ability, and he has to go into a netherrealm and find his son. The entire thing comes off as being beyond cheesy, and the characters are just way to excepting of the situation. After this whole reveal, it becomes more thriller, less horror, and very humorous.

When the big reveal finally showed the Insidious ghost, or demon, the overwhelming likeness to Darth Maul is completely counter productive to what they were trying to accomplish. Even though they emphasized how terrifying this demon was, the entire mood was gone once we saw him sharpening his claws in a playroom while “tip-toe, through the tulips” played in the background. All of a sudden the film turned into Wes Cravens new Nightmare. It seems as though, if they wanted to, that the Insidious Demon could be marketed as a reoccurring horror icon, which would be an interesting possibility, even if it sacrifices the entire feel of the film. The scariest part of this film was the “old lady” who’s character design was relentlessly frightening, no matter how many times you saw her. Overall, Insidious was a great idea, that was executed well for half of the film.

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SUCKER PUNCH Review-How many ideas can you fit in one movie?

If you’re a fan of Call of Duty, The Matrix, Japanese Anime, Lord of the Rings and plots that pathetically try to shine light on a personality disorder or an ‘inception-esq’ subconscious, then you will enjoy Sucker Punch. This film, which is a complete mash up of a million different ideas, plot attempts, and amazing visual effects, still falls short of being a film that you could consider theatre replay value, but will be a blu-ray special features necessity.

The beginning of the film sets, what we think, will be the tone of the film. Baby Doll’s (Emily Browning) background story puts her as the victim, when in reality; she’s a screw up. Granted, the way it’s shot, the audience is forced to feel remorse for her situation, but that entire thing was over shadowed by her failed attempted at defending her sister and honor of her mother. The audience is left saying, “she fucked that up’ in a “there’s something about Mary” way. She’s sent to a insane asylum, where she’s about to receive a lobotomy, then it cuts to a brothel/cabaret setting that is closer to an episode of scrubs than an action thriller. If there was suppose to be any undertone of “female” empowerment themes, they were lost completely, and also unnecessary. This movie was made for Anime porn fanatics, who’s demographic is usually prepubescent boys (hence the PG-13 rating).

The entire film struggled with tone, and could have been stronger had they just stood with one. The story is all over the place, even with Zack Snyder being a visual genius, it was hard to try and see this film as nothing more than a video game cut scene. A really sick and amazing videogame cut scene. However, there is no denying the “cool” factor that Snyder has given us.

Every CGI sequence looked absolutely fantastic. I mean, what’s more entertaining then a bunch of hot, young, half naked women, with guns and swords, blowing things up, fighting dragons, Nazi Zombies, and giant samurai’s? Sucker Punch offered us a visual jerk off, which is good enough to buy into, but if your looking to be completely blown away from the plot and characters, then go read a book.

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Rise of Nightmares, kinects first M rated game!!


So it looks like xbox will officially be attaching some balls to it’s extremely childish kinect game catalog. Sega’s, Rise of Nightmares, which was recently shown at a tokyo game festivals, will be the first M rated addition to kinect.

Even though there wasn’t much information on the game at first, the ESRB website recently stated it’s a “first-person “horror-adventure game in which players assume the role of an American tourist who must rescue his wife from a deranged scientist” holed up in a deserted mansion.

The game features zombie like creatures, a haunted attraction element, and weapons such as machetes, brass knuckles and other lit objects for a gory good time.

“Some sequences and cutscenes depict more intense acts of violence: a man screams loudly as spikes impale his body; a restrained character’s hand is chopped off before he is killed; a character (cut in half) crawls away in a pool of blood; a soldier is ripped apart by a monster, causing blood to stain the screen. During the course of the game, some female creatures are depicted in revealing outfits (e.g., ‘pasties’ that partially cover their breasts); in one sequence, a woman sits on the central character’s chest and engages in suggestive dialogue (e.g., ‘Oh, how I’ve thought of this—night after night. How I’ve missed these lips.’). Dialogue also includes phrases such as ‘Best sex of my life.’/’Worst sex of my life,’ ‘f**k,’ and ‘sh*t.’”-ESRB statement

Rise of Nightmares is set to drop sometime this year.

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Resident Evil oldies get facelift!


Capcom has officially announced that it will be re-releasing resident evil 4 and resident evil code Veronica x as downloadable content for the playstation network and xboxlive marketplace. The re-releases, which will first be released in japan, will feature all new HD graphics for the games and also all new cut scenes. There has been a large wait for the release of these games since the playstation network made resident evil 2 and nemesis available, but the addition of it being distributed through xbox should add on to the hype. There hasn’t been an official date set for the U.S release date.

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