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“THE THING” Remake poster Revealed.

The Thing New Poster


Hopefully we’ll get to see some old school prosthetics with a new age twist, instead of CGI green screen rape. If I see some sort of Alien/Monster baby, I’m walking right out. However, can’t wait.



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Top 10 Horror Movies and their scariest scene!!!!

My top 10 horror movies and their scariest scenes. Chances are if you don’t own these films on either bluray or DVD you are missing out on life.

1. Night of the Living Dead: (Original/Remake) 1968 and 1990


I decided to make this one a tie, seeing as how I think the original and the remake are both equally perfect. The original really set the stage for every single zombie film to come since then. Even though now zombies tend to be less threatening, this was made in a time period where even the idea of someone dying, coming back to life, and trying to eat you wasn’t humorous. The whole film is uneasy, from beginning to end.

2. The Exorcist:


It’s redundant yes, but let’s be honest, this movie really pushed the limits to what was being made at the time. And let’s not forget all the mysterious deaths that happened after the film was made, weird. Linda Blair was absolutely fantastic in the film, she was a natural at puking excessive bile, masturbating with a crucifix and peeing on carpets. Scariest scene: when Linda Blaire’s head turns all the way around. It originally caught me completely off guard.

3. Kairo (pulse) Japanese version:


This film still stands as one of the scariest films I’ve ever seen. The subtleties that they used, and the unnatural body gestures in the film make Kairo not only one of the most depressing films I’ve ever seen, but also one of the most ‘haunt your dreams’ films I’ve ever seen. (stood with me for a while) Scariest scene: when the ghost woman was walking slowly down the hall towards the camera. There is something just so unnatural about her walk and the music is perfect.

4. The Ring:


I got four words, dead-girl-in-closet. This literally could have been the only scene shown during the film and I still think The Ring would have been labeled one the scariest films ever made. Yes, Sumara was creepy, yes I had dreams of her standing in the corner of my room, but was her jaw dislocated and was she scared to death, no. Scariest scene: That chick in the closet was beyond wrong.

5. A Nightmare on Elm Street (original)


For anybody who was once afraid of “the boogie man” this film played on your emotions. The original Nightmare introduced us to Freddy Krueger. The first Nightmare didn’t really play up on Freddy’s humorous side to much, and still kept a evil and mysterious element about him. Scariest scene: when Freddys arms were extending in the alleyway, real creepy stuff, very “dream-like.”

6. The Thing:

This film is a definitive lesson in gore. Everything done in this film is awesome. The actors really Played up the whole “don’t trust anyone” routine and the gore and monster design/execution is perfect. Scariest scene: when a mans head, sprouts spider like legs and crawls on the floor, need I say more?

7. Audition:


Well, because of this movie I slept with my feet tucked under my blanket for about a week. Scariest scene: a man gets his feet sawed off by a metal wire. Guess hell never have to take his shoes off at the door again.

8. Halloween (original)


One of the originators for the first person perspective horror films Halloween paved the way for slasher films as a common genre. Michael Myers become a house hold name, and the score became even more so. Scariest scene: when Michael myers was attacking Laurie strode in the closet, he really didn’t like her lack of boiler room suits.

9. Dawn of the Dead (original):


Yet another great by George Romero, Dawn of the Dead shows that zombie films can offer more then just blood and guts, but can also deliver a social commentary that hits close to home. A lot like his original Night of the Living Dead, Dawn shows great character dynamic, but also shows the evil in men. Scariest scene: there’s a couple, but the narrow escape at the end was heart racing. (Hari Krishna)

10. The Grudge:


The film overall was terrifying. The noise that the ghost makes, created a sea of people who would spontaneously recreate it, and a fortune in ringtones. Scariest Scene: when the ghost is crawling down the stair case.

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